Dr. Lilian Otiso, Director HIV Services


Dr. Lilian Otiso

Dr Lilian Otiso is a medical doctor with over 7 years’ experience in HIV program management working with government and NGOs. She is in charge of HIV services department that offers a wide range of services provided by LVCT including HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC), care and treatment, post rape care, quality management for HIV services and capacity development for local organisations.

She provides leadership to a team that has been responsible for advocating for and providing services to Most at Risk Populations (MARPS) and vulnerable groups including survivors of sexual violence, people with disabilities and youth.

Dr Otiso has been instrumental in providing technical support to the government for policy and advocacy through the Division of Reproductive Health (DRH), the National AIDS and STI Control Program (NASCOP) and other CSOs to scale up Post Rape Care (PRC) services in Kenya as well as implementation of various forms of HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC). This has resulted in development of several policy documents including clinical guidelines on management of survivors of sexual violence (2010) and Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling (PITC) in 2010-2011.
She has provided technical support to the LVCT team that has developed an integration model that includes Reproductive Health/HIV integration for use in community based settings and implementation of programs within the governments community strategy of using community health workers to provide services to the people.
Dr Otiso has experience in implementation research and turning research into practice including the scale up of PITC program from an LVCT study to a full program including development of national guidelines.