Annrita Njeri Ikahu - Head of Prevention

Ms Annrita Njeri Ikahu is the Head of Prevention and International Programmes at LVCT since 1998 and has 8 years’ experience in project management. She is a trained Nurse currently pursuing her Master of Science in Health Management System from the Kenya Methodist University. She holds a BA (Psychology) from Kenya Methodist University and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Kenya Institute of Education.

Ms Ikahu provides leadership to the prevention programme which involves oversight for Client Initiated Counseling and Testing, Home Based Counseling and Testing, Mobile VCT services including workplace HIV policies with focus on persons with disability. She also provides dynamic leadership to the international programme through the twinning partnership with organisations in Botswana, Cote de Ivoire and Ethiopia. LVCT provides capacity building through technical assistance and sharing organisational experiences to twinning organisations who share the same objectives and activities. 

Ms Ikahu was involved in the first Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) pilot in Kenya in 2006 which informed the scale up of Counselling and Testing in HIV. She was instrumental in the pilot of the London based African VCT in the United Kingdom. She has also been involved in the national evaluation of rapid oral test kits.
She previously worked as a Project Manager at the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) where she managed a project designed to build capacity of the church leaders in HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and tuberculosis in the facility and home based in 10 locations in Kenya.