Facts and Myths

Myth:  HIV is the punishment or curse from GOD caused by breaking some rules.
Fact:    HIV is not a punishment or a curse from God. It is a sexually transmitted disease or STI.

Myth:  By the look of an eye you can tell who HIV positive is or not
Fact:  It is only through a test that a person’s HIV status can be determined

Myth: When HIV positive you will die within a very short time.
Fact: With the availability of ARV's, PLHIV’s lives have been prolonged. HIV has become a chronic or life-long disease which can be treated.

Myth You become sexually inactive when you are HIV positive.
Fact:  You can still be sexually active when you are HIV positive, but it important to have safe sex.

Myth:  Condoms are ineffective in the prevention of HIV transmission.
Fact: If used correctly and consistently condoms are very effective in preventing HIV transmission. Actually they are the only way to prevent transmission during sex.

Myth: Having sex with virgin cures HIV/AIDS.
Fact:  To date there is no cure of HIV.

Myth: Once a partner is positive, the other one is automatically positive.
Fact: Not always. Discordant couples exist. Some people get AIDS easily than others. Everyone needs their own HIV test.

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