LVCT Health’s Local Kenyan Sub-partners

Seventy one (71) Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been offered support in organization system strengthening and/or technical capacity building.


  • 21 sub-partners strategic plans developed.
  • 38 sub-partner governance systems strengthened and active.
  • 38 sub-partners developed /revised key organisation policy documents.
  • 60 sub-partners complying with legal and statutory requirements.
  • 38 sub-partners aligned to national M&E structures and operating active databases.
  • 5 sub-partners offered infrastructure support to set up additional HTC sites and improve service provision space.
  • Approx. KES 117 million (approx. US$ 1.47 million) sub granted annually with 99% expenditure rates.
  • All Sub-partners achieved over 100% of their targets.
  • 25 sub-partners focus on vulnerable populations, mainly people living with disability, youth, men who have sex with men, sex workers and discordant couples.

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