LVCT Health

Quality Management

The mission of the HIV Services Quality Management Program is to plan, assess, measure, and implement performance improvements in the systems and processes which affect the quality of service delivered to LVCT Health clients. The Quality Program strives to continuously improve the quality of care and services, in a multidisciplinary team approach and consistent with the organization-wide approach to quality improvement. The LVCT Health Quality Improvement process utilises the Plan. Do. Study. Act (PDSA cycle -figure 1 below) as a guiding principle for continual quality improvement in our systems and structures, leading to improved service delivery. Through this approach, every program identify opportunities for improvement, collect and analyse data, and develop implementation plans.

Plan. Do. Study. Act (PDSA) Cycles

The LVCT QI process is based on the PDSA cycle methodology.

  • PLAN – Identify and analyse what you intend to improve, looking for areas that hold opportunities for change.
  • DO – Carry out the change or test on a small scale (if possible).
  • STUDY – What was learned? What went wrong? Did the change lead to improvements in the way you had hoped?
  • ACT – Adopt the change, abandon it, or initiate the cycle again


Goals of the QM Program

The goals of the LVCT Health Quality Management program are:

  • To institutionalize PDSA model with functional Regional and facility based Quality Management Team and an operational HAQIQA framework in all HIV Services Programs
  • To implement a robust Quality Monitoring Plan to monitor and improve the quality of service delivery on all HIV Services programs.

Purpose and Aim

The purpose of the Quality Management program is to promote commitment to quality of care throughout the LVCT Health Continuum of care by establishing and maintaining a seamless system of comprehensive HIV services provided to the LVCT clients. This has been accomplished by:

  • Developing and Implementing a Quality Management plan
  • Regular monitoring core performance measure across all HIV services programs
  • Consistent assessments of the extent to which the HIV services provided to the clients under each program are in line with the national guidelines.