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Framework for the Implementation of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV In Kenya

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a form of HIV prevention in which a HIV negative person at high risk of HIV infection takes daily antiretroviral medication to prevent HIV infection. Oral PrEP was first approved by the USA FDA in 2012 after which other countries followed. The Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons board approved the use of […]

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Child Management Study 1 brief

Child sexual abuse is globally recognized as having wide ranging ramifications for the survivors and their care givers. Health care constitutes an essential component of the necessary interventions to mitigate the consequences of child sexual abuse. The Ministry of Health has developed standards to ensure delivery of quality post rape care services. However, these guidelines […]

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SQALE & REACHOUT Study Profile

The REACHOUT study is a 5 year study under the Health Systems thematic area of the research division that is part of a multi-country Health Systems Research Consortium called the REACHOUT project, which aims to maximize the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of close-to-community (CTC) health services. The REACHOUT project is a consortium of implementing partners […]

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REACHOUT Kenya Context Analysis report

CONTEXT ANALYSIS: CLOSE-TO COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICE PROVIDERS IN KENYA Kenya has a national policy known as the Community Health Strategy (MOH, 2006) aimed at reforming primary health care at the community level as a result of declining health indicators. The strategy is based on the use of volunteers referred to as Community Health Workers (CHWs) […]

  • Study briefs

IPV 3 study brief

  Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against women is a major global human rights and public health concern. Population-based studies in East Africa estimate that rates of IPV in the region are among the highest in the world with Kenya having a prevalence of 39%. Research has shown a strong correlation between IPV and HIV. At […]

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IPCP study profile

  The Kenya Ministry of Health reported HIV prevalence to be 5.6% in 2015. However, within key and priority populations, the HIV burden is greater – 15% for both female sex workers (FSW) and men who have sex with men (MSM) and as high as 30% amongst adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) population group. […]