LVCT Health

Sex workers

Female Sex Workers (FSW) face barriers in accessing HIV Prevention, treatment, and care services. They are a highly stigmatized, criminalized and marginalized population in Kenya with increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections and other reproductive health concerns. These barriers are attributed to societal stigma, discrimination, and criminalization. Sustained exclusion of FSW in HIV prevention and treatment may undermine efforts to eliminate HIV.

What we do

LVCT Health programming aims to increase HIV Prevention and to facilitate universal access to HIV andĀ Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services for sex workers and their clients through quality service delivery and policy reform.

We support peer educators who mobilize sex workers to attend Moonlight activities where they are offered a supportive environment for sharing experiences, for receiving HIV and SRH information and services and safe sex materials. We have provided spaces for sex workers to form post-test clubs and support groups, as well as sub granting sex worker organisations and mentoring them in offering integrated sexual reproductive health services to their members. LVCT Health builds the capacity of sex worker organisations through training in management, governance and finance through mentor-ship, on the job training and workshops.

We also work to empower sex workers and to build up necessary life skills such as negotiation, decision-making and assertiveness to enable them practice safer sex. We also provide friendly, supportive and confidentialĀ HIV Testing and Counseling and sexual and reproductive health services including cervical cancer screening and referral, family planning information, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections as well as TB screening and referral.