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Dr. Nyawira Kamau

Dr. Nyawira Gitahi

Dr. Nyawira Kamau is a medical doctor with specialty in public health. She has over 10 years’ experience in HIV program management and HIV research. She has in the past worked in the academia, government and in various NGOs. Dr. Nyawira is in charge of HIV programme implementation and research within Nairobi and Kiambu counties and their environs.

Dr. Nyawira leads a team that is implementing novel and sustainable integrated HIV care and prevention model to both key and general populations. She provides leadership in advocating and providing services to Key and Priority Populations, as well as survivors of sexual violence. She also provides leadership in HIV prevention programs among Key and Priority Populations such as adolescents and young women. She guides the team in maintaining robust strategic partnerships and relations with donors, county and national government, private sector and other relevant stakeholders.

These programmes encompass health systems strengthening, HIV service delivery within communities, and in facilities catering for both general and Key Populations. This includes the rollout of Pre- exposure prophylaxis – PrEP, implementation of social asset building interventions and implementation research. Her mandate include: oversight, mentorship and capacity of building of partner organizations.

She has diverse experience in implementation science background, and leading multi-centre clinical trials sites. Dr. Nyawira is currently pursuing PhD in global health focusing on adolescent sexual reproductive health issues.