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Kenya experiences a severe shortage of health workers, averaging only 1.3 health workers for 1,000 persons, 43% below the World Health Organization benchmark of 2.3. Key challenges include inability to attract and retain health workers, especially in the public sector, performance management issues, and diminishing productivity.
The shortage is compounded by several factors that include inability to attract and retain health workers; performance management and productivity issues; unequal distribution of health workers; and migration of health workers to other countries.

What we do

The cited challenges affect delivery of quality health services. LVCT Health is determined to bridge the gap by increasing number of counselors and community health extension workers. Since inception in 2001, LVCT Training Institute has trained over 10,000 health workers including more than 75% of all HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) personnel in the country and 90% of HIV Testing and Counseling supervisors.
The LVCT Training Institute is registered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (2011) to provide Diploma related; Academic, Technical, Industrial and Vocational Trainings courses. It is also accredited by Kenya Counseling and Psychologist Association (KCPA) and NASCOP to provide HIV, Reproductive and Counseling related courses.

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