LVCT Health offers WEMA Kazini, a vibrant, innovative workplace wellness programme with the aim of a one-stop wellness package to enhance the health and wellbeing of the workforce at the workplace.

WEMA Kazini was conceptualized in 2010 and has since been branded, marketed and implemented in over 100 private and public sector workplaces. WEMA Kazini services range from HIV Preventiontreatment and support at the work place to addressing other lifestyle health concerns and non-communicable diseases that are emerging as key health priorities and affect productivity at the workplace.

WEMA Kazini is holistic and addresses individual and organizational health needs through unique quality assured and confidential one-stop wellness packages delivered by a team of qualified and highly experienced, professional staff direct to workplaces across Kenya. The Programme pays particular attention to the unique needs of each work place. You may choose your preferred package of services on a one-time or long-term basis depending on your organization’s needs.

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