LVCT Health

Vision Mission

Our Vision

Empowered Healthy Communities.

Our Mission

To reduce new HIV infections and increase equitable access to quality health services.

Our Guiding Principles

The following principles direct our decision making and program approaches:

  • Client Centeredness: We committed to meeting the needs of our clients appropriately and at their convenience. We guarantee client confidentiality and pursue non-stigmatizing approaches.
  • Local Ownership: We exercise meaningful engagement of our stakeholders in developing and implementing our programs.
  • Integrated Programming: To ensure comprehensive support to clients and beneficiaries, we deliberately respond to the relevant social, behavioural, biomedical and structural drivers of HIV infection and transmission. We utilize our strengths in HIV testing, care and treatment as an entry point to address the unique factors that promote individual and group health of those we serve.
  • Evidence Based: We generate or use existing knowledge for learning, targeted policy action, informing programing and general management decision-making.
  • Innovation: We constantly seek new ways of doing things better, more efficiently and differently for greater impact.