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Jun 2021

LVCT Health rewarded at the health services delivery awards

LVCT Health clinics were amongst the winners at this year’s Health Service Delivery Awards(HSDA) at Nairobi county. The health facilities were selected after undergoing the Kenya Quality Model for Health

A team from LVCT Health hold the award received at this years Health services delivery awards 2020/2021

(KQMH) self-assessments, and the Nairobi county CHMT undertook an independent assessment to determine the winners for this year’s awards.


The awards were organised by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service -Directorate of Health, Health standards unit with support from various partners who have been implementing quality improvement initiatives guided by Kenya Quality Model for Health(KQMH).

The Health Service Delivery Awards(HSDA) was initiated with the aim of engaging and motivating health care workers to improve the quality of care by awarding the best-performing facilities.

The winners comprised of selected health facilities from the county who were recognized for their outstanding performance, contributions, and achievement in improving the quality of healthcare in Nairobi. There were 12 dimensions assessed and 2 LVCT health facilities and 1 sub partner were selected: Hurlingham Clinic(HQ), LVCT Nairobi Deaf(CBD) and BHESP.

Categories Won: Best performer in NGO Health Centre category

LVCT Health CBD-Nairobi Deaf 

Overall Level 2 NGO Dispensary – 2nd Runners Up

Best Performer Award Dimension 5: Supplies Management

Best Performer Award Dimension 3: Guidelines

LVCT Health Hurlingham clinic

Best Performer Award Dimension Q1: Functionality of Quality Improvement Teams(QITs)

Best Performer Award Dimension 1: Leadership

Best Performer Award Dimension 2: Human Resource Management

Best Performer Award Dimension 3: Guidelines in NGO Health Centre category

Best Performer Award Dimension 5: Supplies Management

Best Performer Award Dimension 11.3: Infection Prevention & Control

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