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Aug 2022

Ting’ang’a DREAMS Site Peace Walk and Colour Festival

Julius Karisa, the Assistant County Commissioner-Ting’ang’a addressing the people during the peace walk and colour festival

Recently, the Ting’ang’a Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) site organized a peace walk and a colour festival to urge the community to, exercise political tolerance, respect for one another’s rights and maintenance of peace during the August 9th general elections in the country. The event was well attended by the local administration authorities together with the staff and DREAMS girls. The essence of the colour splash was to show how we as a people, can create a beautiful nation when we come together.

The key message during the peace walk was, maintaining peace before, during and after the elections, respecting other people’s choice of candidates, going home after casting votes at the polling stations, saying no to election malpractices and accepting the election’s outcome without engaging in violent and disruptive activities.

The local administration, led by the Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), assured the residents that they would do everything within their jurisdiction to ensure that the election process was peaceful. The Assistant County commissioner however maintained that, as long as everyone took responsibility and exercised political tolerance, there would be no need for extra enforcement by the law enforcement units. He urged the Ting’ang’a community to learn to co-exist and be accommodative of   one another regardless of their political affiliation.

The message from the Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) also came out strong. Those in school urged the residents to maintain peace in order to facilitate a peaceful environment for their return to school after the elections. Noting that The COVID-19 pandemic had already disrupted their education, they pleaded with the residents to see to it that the elections did not disrupt their studies any further.

The Ting’ang’a DREAMS family, led by the site lead Moses Abeka, urged the residents to maintain peace to create a conducive environment for the AGYW’s education while impacting lives.

After the walk, the team danced their hearts out, shared a meal and culminated the walk with a cake cutting ceremony.

A group photo of the participants in the peace walk and colour festival in Ting’ang’a

A picture showing the local administration marching together with the DREAMS girls during the peace walk and colour festival event.

Story and photographs by Moses Abeka, Site in charge – Ting’ang’a DREAMS site

Edited by: Irene Omariba



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