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IPV 3 study brief


Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against women is a major global human rights and public health concern. Population-based studies in East Africa estimate that rates of IPV in the region are among the highest in the world with Kenya having a prevalence of 39%. Research has shown a strong correlation between IPV and HIV. At any given time, the average rate of women who report being in an abusive relationship is 7%, but the percentage increases to 12.6% for women who are HIV positive. Several social, economic and cultural factors have been shown to significantly contribute to IPV including level of education, income, alcohol/drug abuse and younger age. Gender inequalities have also been cited as key drivers of both IPV and HIV, and mediate the relation between abuse and HIV transmission. It has been reported that effective prevention of violence against women requires an understanding of individual, relationship, community and societal factors that influence violence and integration of the factors to address IPV. This study seeks to test the effectiveness of a combined facility and community level IPV/HIV intervention in reducing IPV and HIV risk, and the occurrence and reoccurrence of IPV in urban communities in Kenya.

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