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Dr. Digolo Lina

Dr. Lina Digolo

Dr Digolo Lina is a Paediatrician who graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Nairobi, in 2010. She earned a Masters in Epidemiology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine in 2017. Lina has over 10 years work experience in HIV and Sexual Reproductive health programs has demonstrable expertise in the design, implementation and dissemination of operations research studies and project evaluations to support advocacy and policy development efforts.

As the Head of Research and Strategic information department, Dr Digolo provides leadership strategic direction and oversight for the Research & M&E divisions. She is a principal investigator in Gender based violence and HIV prevention research projects at LVCT Health. The work of her team has included: conducting over 22 operations research studies, using study findings to provide technical support for the development of both national and international, evidence-based policy guidelines.

Dr Digolo is actively engaged in translation of research evidence into health policy through advocacy at international, national and county level. She provides advice to the Kenyan government and WHO on a range of issues related to HIV and Gender based violence.