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Turning Tragedy to Inspiration

Emmanuel Kemboi* is a medium built, soft spoken 26 year old and a 3rd year student of Computer Science at Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

In 2015 while still new in campus he decided to visit a mobile VCT because, “I had been having tonsillitis that refused to go away even after over the counter medication.” This is where he discovered that he had been infected by HIV virus.

“At first I was in denial, then angry, however counselling helped me to see things differently. It crushed me to later learn that ‘my friend’ was the one who knowingly did this to me.” His friends referred him to an online website, LVCT one2one face book page where he realized among the many programmes they have, support is given to youths who are HIV positive.

When asked about the friend, Kemboi replied, “She is now deceased.”

In January 2017, he decided to contact LVCT Health to discuss ways of helping others from his experience to be alert to the need for testing and to be consistent in adhering to medicine once found HIV positive. This is by sharing posts on the one2one youth Facebook page.

“I enjoyed the company, empathized with the struggles this young boys and girls go through so that they may live their lives to the full. Although I got infected in my 20’s I can relate to the pressures and difficulties they go through in terms of adherence.” Said Kemboi after attending an adolescent fun day organised by LVCT Health.

At campus, there is a program that takes care of HIV positive students,” we have support groups and workshops and occasional HIV tests to students organized by the institution.”

“My desire in life is to be and advocate the youth agenda. I love writing articles on matters dear to my heart.’

*Not his real name