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Bank Details

Beneficiary Name: LVCT Health
Beneficiary Postal Address: 19835- 00202 NAIROBI
Beneficiary Bank Address: MAMLAKA ROAD BRANCH, PO BOX 45136 NAIROBI
Branch code: 008 Bank code: 07-000 IBAN number: N/A
Beneficiary Bank Account number: 6605550056 SWIFT ID or

MPESA Details

Paybill Number: 804 300

How to donate via MPESA

  1. Scroll down to MPESA on your phone
  2. Choose pay Bill from MPESA menu
  3. Enter Business Number 804300
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Enter the Account Number or payment details e.g Sanitary Pads, OCaT
  6. Enter Secret PIN and Press OK
  7. A summary page appears which shows details of customer payment
  8. OK the summary before the payment can be sent

NB: Payments can only be made by registered MPESA users


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