LVCT Health

Partner with Us

We value partnerships and we believe that through working with like-minded and strategic partners, we can achieve joint learning, programme synergies and greater impact. LVCT Health endeavours to identify and partner with community members, community organisations, counties, research and implementing partners and donors.

We have continued to ensure that there is meaningful involvement of our stakeholders throughout each project life-cycle. We have involved our beneficiaries in research, design, implementation and evaluation of programmes – because their feedback is invaluable to us.

We endeavour to share our lessons learnt and best practices while benefiting from other reputable institutions in the field of HIV and SGBV.


LVCT Health has a vibrant research team and diverse research opportunities where students and local and international organizations have an opportunity to contribute towards. We are open to partnering with local and international institutions in:

  • Designing and implementing collaborative research projects
  • Hosting research fellows

We have undertaken various research projects we have undertaken as enumerated on the Research page.
For more details contact- Head of Research and Strategic Information.