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Work Place Wellness

LVCT Health runs a vibrant, innovative workplace wellness program WEMA Kazini. This Programme encompasses a one-stop wellness package that enhances health and wellbeing of the workforce. WEMA Kazini addresses the focus shift of health care to include lifestyle illnesses such as hypertension, cholesterol, nutrition and diabetes as well as HIV. The WEMA Kazini Package is categorized into 3 interlinked and complementary services that ensure a workplace benefits fully to reduce its health costs and increase productivity:

  • Work place Situational Analysis & Surveys (Baseline, Mid-term and End line) on Knowledge, Awareness, Behavior, Practice and Employee Satisfaction
  • HIV Testing Services delivered in accordance with the National Guidelines
  • Assessment for Non-Communicable Diseases and Nutritional Advisory Services:
  • Health Talks, Sensitization and Trainings
  • Technical support for Workplace Policies Development, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Organizing Corporate Family Fun and Wellness Days

We are open to partnering with both the private and public sector work places in delivery of services ranging from HIV preventiontreatment and support at the work place to addressing other lifestyle health concerns and non-communicable diseases that are emerging as key health priorities and affect productivity at the workplace.

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