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One2oneTM is a registered entity/ trademark under LVCT Health in Kenya by the year 2006. One2one youth program provides comprehensive HIV, Gender based violence (GBV), SRH and mental health support and linkage to other services for adolescents and young people (10-24 years).

Our Vision:

All adolescents and young people are free and able to make informed decisions that lead to healthy and happy life in love, relationship and sexuality.

Our Approach:

In 2019, one2one youth adopted a stepped care model from aidsfonds which has been implemented in Netherlands over the past 10 years. Stepped care model (SCM) is an evidence-based, staged system, comprising a hierarchy of interventions, from the least to the most intensive, matched to the individual’s needs. The starting point of the model is to stimulate the self-reliance of individuals. The Stepped Care Model (SCM) will offer a framework to coordinate online and offline services, aimed at supporting adolescent and young people with their specific needs or problems in an efficient way through an intervention mapping approach.

Stepped Care Model Kenya:

Figure 1: one2one stepped care model

Online interventions (Digital):

Step one- General online informationGeneral online information about HIV, SRHR, GBV and Mental Health offered through one2one and Adolescent human interesting stories on youth website.

Step two- Digital personalized information: This step assesses the individual situation and provide tailored advice and referrals. This step utilizes Chatbot as digital personalized information.

Step three- Online unlicensed peer educators:  This step provides the community with a sense of belonging and psychological support in a convenient way through the online platforms (Closed WhatsApp group) manned by AYP peer educators.

Offline interventions (Human)

Step 3- Offline advice via unlicensed educators (peers): Offline unlicensed peer educators will provide information and services to the adolescent and young people through support groups/ posttest-clubs at the community through an intervention mapping approach.

Step 4 – Advice via counsellors at one2one youth hotline): At this level counselor offer anonymous personal advice based on the client’s needs. Counsellors provide necessary information and counseling through an integrated system. The services include tele-counseling through call, SMS, and online (WhatsApp & Messenger)

Step 5- Advice via health care providers (face to face): A face to face counseling and other health services is provided to select beneficiaries who have access to offline centres/ youth friendly centers. Referrals are made for specialized treatment.

Our Brand:

One2one Youth positions its self as a preferred brand for adolescent and young people in Kenya where they can access quality, nonjudgement, and reliable information and services of their health needs. We communicate in a friendly and informational way that empowers adolescent and young people to make informed decisions. Our voice and tone are open, honest and non-judgmental. Our products are done through a human centered designs, where the beneficiary voice and views and at the core.

Our content:

  • Evidence driven content: We utilize evidence based models to create content e.g. intervention mapping approach. We break down concrete concepts into simple and comprehendible pieces of content for our clients.
  • We put the reader first: We help them find the information they need quickly and easily while guiding them through the process. Our content emphasizes on what the reader should know, it gives the reader the autonomy to decide and make informed choices on the content they would want to consume.
  • We are plain spoken: we want to be as clear as possible by using plain language, very short and simple sentences and phrases; avoiding jargons and abbreviations.
  • We are casual but smart: We share knowledge while casually engaging our readers with conversational language that is culturally appropriate.
  • We are genuine: We relate to our users’ challenges and speak to them in a familiar, warm, and accessible way, using positive language and examples they can relate to. Our tone considers the reader’s state of mind.
  • Youth friendly: We factor in the element of age, pleasure-based and inclusivity tenets of content by not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, and disability.

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