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Health Systems Strengthening Research

Weak health systems in the developing world have been documented as one of the primary challenges in achieving both national and global development goals. The Kenyan government has set out long term strategies and policies that seek to strengthen the health system. These positive developments have led to the increase in demand for health systems research and the recognition of its important role in supporting health policy reforms. Devolution of the health care delivery from National to County Governments calls for rigorous health systems research to inform the delivery of health services effectively and equitably.

What we do

Health systems research at LVCT Health seeks to generate evidence that improves the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of the Kenyan Health system. LVCT Health has undertaken relevant health systems research that stimulated the revision of the Kenya National Post Rape Care (PRC) Guidelines. LVCT Health’s research on the feasibility and acceptability of a locally assembled Post Rape Care (PRC) kit – for collection and preservation of evidence and delivery of a quality assurance framework on provision of PRC in public health facilities has been translated to policy and practice.

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