LVCT Health

Gender Based Violence

LVCT Health has implemented Gender Based Violence (GBV) programing since 2005.  GBV is any harmful act based on differences between males and females; sexual, psychological or physical, perpetrated against a person. GBV increases one`s risk of HIV infection. Women who have experienced GBV are up to three times more likely to be infected with HIV than those who have not. Our GBV programme aims to utilise research and practice to influence GBV policy and, strengthen links between GBV and HIV services.

We offer prevention of GBV and appropriate responses at all our sites and provide support to public health facilities to ensure survivors of violence receive quality services and are prevented from HIV infection. We also provide technical support to the Government of Kenya, local and international partners, for the development and institutionalisation of policies and standards for delivery of GBV services.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Violence against childrenVAC – community prevention programs and Post rape care services
  • Violence Against Women – VAW-  Intimate partner violence prevention – IPV and response programs at facility level and within the community
  • Strengthening health facilities Post rape care services to the general population
  • Violence prevention and response services to Key population

Over the years our work on GBV has achieved the following:

Generating local evidence by undertaking 5 GBV research studies, 8 publications and over 50 presentations at local and international conferences.

Policy and Technical Support:  Contributed to development of international guidelines, national guidelines, training curricula and data collection tools.

County achievements: we are a stakeholder in GBV county technical working groups and offer technical support in development of strategic plans and policies