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LVCT Health’s  Hatua model - a Research Policy and Practice action framework continues to be the basis of all research undertakings. Gaps in policy and services will inform this research agenda. Operational, epidemiological research and implementation science will be used to generate evidence. LVCT Health aims to maintain vibrant research agenda that addresses policy and research gaps in Kenya and facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration among staff and with key actors in health.

LVCT Health conducts research in line with national strategic plans and research priorities to address Kenya’s health priorities and maintaining focus on global strategic directions for the HIV response, Research and health systems research.

LVCT Health develops, pilots, and evaluates innovative models for service delivery that have successfully been scaled up through the Ministry of Health. LVCT Health has undertaken studies to develop evidence for services strengthening and policy reforms.

Ten of these studies have had a direct impact on delivery and expansion of HIV testing and Counseling (HTC) and Post Rape Care services and the associated quality standards, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and indicators at the national level.


Research has innumerable benefits to the development of health policy and design of cost effective intervention and treatment programs. Policy makers and program managers globally and in Kenya require quality evidence from relevant, well designed and ethically sound research.

There exists demand for rigorous and ethically sound research in HIV, sexual and gender based and sexual violence (SGBV) and health systems research to inform policy makers and decision makers in Kenya and in the sub-Saharan region as a whole.  Research in these thematic areas needs to respond to the local need for evidence for effective, efficient and cost effective service delivery and programming models; that have individual and population level impact towards achieving national health and development goals.





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