LVCT Health

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LVCT Health invests in and utilizes data to inform policy and practice

LVCT Health research capacity has grown with multiple multi-year research studies undertaken, partnerships established and peer reviewed paper developed.

We have successfully facilitated research uptake of its findings with many informing policy and practice and will continue in this trajectory and scale this up further.

Our research encompasses a wide range of disciplines and areas of study, with a focus on HIV prevention, Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response, and Community Health Systems Strengthening, Mental Health, Sexual Reproductive Health and Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health

Our Strategic Focus

Guided by our research-policy-practice (Hatua) model, we recognise the importance of evidence-based decision-making and translating research findings into policies and practices that effectively address societal challenges and improve health outcomes.

Our Achievements


Conference Presentations


Peer reviewed journal publications


Research Studies Completed​


Completed Masters




Ongoing Research Studies

We are committed to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation and addressing critical issues through impactful research.

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Thematic Area


HIV Prevention


Gachigua, Sammy Gakero; Karuga, Robinson; Ngunjiri, Anne; Jarrahian, Courtney; Coffey, Patricia S.; Kilbourne-Brook, Maggie; Otiso, Lilian. Microarray patch for HIV prevention and as a multipurpose prevention technology to prevent HIV and unplanned pregnancy: an assessment of potential acceptability, usability, and programmatic fit in Kenya. Frontiers in Reproductive Health 2023, 5, doi:10.3389/frph.2023.1125159.


Gender Based Violence


Domestic Burdens Amid Covid-19 and Women’s Mental Health in Middle-Income Africa


Community Health Systems Strengthening


How are Research for Development Programmes Implementing and Evaluating Equitable 

Leaving No One Behind: A Photovoice Case Study on Vulnerability and Wellbeing of Children Heading Households in Two Informal Settlements in Nairobi

How context influences the functionality of community-level health governance structures: A case study of community health committees in Kenya

Community participation in the health system: analyzing the implementation of community health committee policies in Kenya

Voices from the Youth in Kenya Addressing Mental Health Gaps and Recommendations

News and Blogs

Mental health awareness week falls annually in May. Lynda Keeru and Inviolata Njeri kick off ARISE conversations on mental health with this blog about our work in Kenya

Rosie Steege, Jane Wairutu and Linet Okoth report back on the passing of the Nairobi City County Community Health Services Act in June 2021 – welcome news for Nairobi’s Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) who have waited almost two years since the Bill’s inception.

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