HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention

LVCT Health provides comprehensive HIV combination prevention interventions to key and vulnerable populations. Our population include; Adolescents and Young People, Key Populations (MSM, FSW, PWID), Fisher Folks, survivors of Gender-Based Violence and Prisoners.   The HIV-positive persons are linked to care and initiated on treatment to attain viral suppression and reduce transmission of HIV.

Our Strategic Focus

    • Leadership in HIV Testing Services (HTS): We support the National and County governments to develop, pilot and scale up effective strategies to identify and link people diagnosed with HIV infection to care and treatment.
    • Integrated approach into existing healthcare service: We promote integration of HTS within all service delivery points at community and facility level.
    • Implement Innovative HIV prevention interventions and technologies: LVCT Health advocates for and promotes flexible and innovative HIV prevention methods/technologies to suit the needs of individuals and populations.
    • Policy and Advocacy

Our Achievements

  • First in setting up HIV Voluntary Counselling Testing (VCT) centers in Kenya
  • Pioneered Partner Notification Services – an effective strategy of reaching persons who are exposed to HIV through their sexual or drug using partners, using the principle of contact tracing.
  • Tested more than 10 million people for HIV, with 216, 442 tested positive for HIV. 95% of those on treatment attained viral load suppression resulting in the reduction of HIV related mortality and morbidity

Our Numbers