Leadership for safer Environments And sexual Violence Responsive and Reporting Networks in Kenya

Region: Kiambu and Homa Bay


School-related violence against children encompasses various forms of violence occurring within educational settings including corporal punishment against school-going children and peer violence among students. SRVAC undermines children’s fundamental right to education and adversely affects their physical, emotional, and psychological development, requiring urgent attention and intervention.

Goal: To design, implement, and evaluate an intervention addressing select forms of SRVAC among primary school children in Kiambu and Homa Bay counties, Kenya, ultimately fostering safer and more conducive learning environments.

Study Objectives

Our objectives are to

  1. To understand the nature and drivers of SRVAC
  2. To identify the most common forms of SRVAC in Kenya and design an intervention that addresses specific forms of SRVAC
  3. To pilot and evaluate the designed intervention for feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness in select primary schools
  4. To continuously advocate with the government to adopt lessons from LEARN as part of broader SRVAC prevention in Kenya

Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased awareness and understanding of SRVAC among school administrators, teachers, parents, and students in the targeted primary schools.
  2. Enhanced teacher and student capacity to recognise, prevent, and appropriately respond to incidents of SRVAC
  3. Reduced (re)occurrence of specific forms of SRVAC