Our Journey

Our Journey

The two decades exculpate our success story of a local and country-led organization delivery health outcomes for Kenya and beyond

Focus on the feasibility of VCT as an HIV prevention strategy

Liverpool VCT Project- first research on VCT in Kenya. Piloted use of rapid HIV test kits and testing in non-medical laboratory settings, paving the way for the roll out of first 3 VCT centres in Kenya at Riruta, Ngoliba and Kiwara health centres). Our efforts contributed to the integration of VCT into the Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan (KNASP). 11 staff.

HIV Care services were set up in Hurlingham, Nairobi

LVCT is registered as a local Kenyan NGO in 2002. HIV care services set up in Hurlingham using the VCT+ model and provided a sub-grant to one CBO to offer VCT services. 33,005 clients tested, training of non-medical VCT providers was institutionalized. Technical assistance to NASCOP offered the development of VCT guidelines, training manuals, and the use of lay counsellors to offer VCT services. Our impact contributed to the standardization of rapid HIV test kits in non-clinical settings.

Piloted innovative HTC services

LVCT launches the first innovative HIV Testing and Counseling services for deaf persons in Kenya. 3 CBOs & FBOs were developed through sub-granting. 76, 607 clients were tested. LVCT launches the first Celebrity HIV testing – tests former U.S. President Barrack Obama & First lady Michelle Obama to mobilize public testing of leaders to increase demand and uptake of HIV testing and counselling among constituents First comprehensive Post Rape Care Services in public hospitals. LVCT research and pilots, informed by key populations such as MSM, led to the initiation of the first Sub-Saharan Africa MSM HIV care and reproductive health clinic in Kenya Additionally, we began providing free ARVs to HIV-positive clients at the VCT clinic in Hurlingham. 124,971 clients tested (5.65% female, 41.6% youth). First Youth tele counselling hotline – through a private-public partnership to reach youth with accurate, credible HIV and sexual and reproductive health information. Received first CDC grant as prime.

Piloted Mobile VCT services to serve hard to reach communities

LVCT Pilots Mobile VCT services to serve hard to reach communities. LVCT spearheads the implementation of the VCT QA strategy accreditation system, resulting in the establishment of 208 VCT sites. During this initiative: 119,570 individuals were tested (55% female, 45% youth), 585 survivors of sexual violence (SV) received care and support and 88 VCT counselors were trained to enhance service quality and delivery. 300 VCT sites were established, with 120 handed over to the Government of Kenya (GoK). Additionally, HIV care and ART services were extended to 16 GoK health facilities, and PCR services expanded from 8 to 13 GoK facilities. This PCR model was acclaimed by Stephen Lewis, the UN/AIDS Special Envoy to Africa. Key achievements include: 49,648 individuals tested for HIV, 1,295 survivors of sexual violence (SV) received care, 74 new VCT sites were established and 134 VCT counselors trained to enhance service delivery.

Technical assistance to Botswana, Ivory coast for HTC service

LVCT offers technical assistance to Botswana, Ivory coast for HTC service and QA systems scale up. LVCT opens a training institute in Nairobi to offer a Diploma in Psychology focusing on HIV testing and counseling at the LVCT Training Institute. Ungana capacity building grant from CDC – built capacity and sub-granted 14 local organisations. Pioneered Home-Based Testing and provider-initiated testing and counseling in Kenya. Research on HIV self-testing. 72 top Kenyan CEOs were tested, contributing to a total of 11,135 tests conducted across 105 workspaces. LVCT holds the first Regional Conference on SRH/HIV, emphasizing violence prevention. 21 sub-grantees were empowered to provide HTC services, resulting in 430,668 tests conducted. Tested 6% of 105m world cup RRI targets, with 655 being male 16 new organizations sub-granted capacity developed for HIV prevention services & sub granting portfolio surpassed USD 1M PITC services scaled up to 50 facilities. LVCT elected chair of HENNET. Launched GBV one step center at KNH. Hotline relocated to Safaricom call center. Staffing expands to 170.

LVCT rebrands to LVCT Health

LVCT re-brands to LVCT Health with expanded and integrated programmes. LVCT Health 2014-2017 Strategy & 2018-2021 launched. First demonstration project on PREP roll out in country. LVCT Health Partner notification innovation adopted by the WHO. LVCT Health awarded at the 2019 Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) awards for diversity & inclusivity. LVCT Health receives two CDC funded 5-year prevention grants. LVCT Health robust, adaptable, and structured one2one™ digital platform moves from Safaricom to LVCT premises. Staffing >250.

2019 to date
LVCT Health celebrates 20th Anniversary

LVCT Health wins the Trócaire’s Romero Award in recognition of its efforts to protect vulnerable communities from COVID-19. LVCT Health receives grants from CDC and USAID to lead PEPFAR responses in 10 counties and Kenya Prisons. LVCT Health relaunches one2one website and digital platform reaching over 5 million in Kenya and beyond. LVCT Health moves to its own premises. LVCT Group limited registered as a vehicle for sustainability. LVCT Health celebrates 20th anniversary of delivering health outcomes for Kenya and beyond. LVCT Health unveils 2022-2027 Strategy with new priorities for the future. 400+ staff.