Digital Health

Digital Health

Our Digital tools offer healthcare providers an extensive view of patient health to provide patients greater control over their health while enhancing communication between patients and their providers.

We invest in developing and using innovative digital health solutions to reach target populations and improve programme outcomes.

We utilize digital health technologies to facilitate delivery of high quality, efficient and accessible client-centred care.

We offer advocacy and technical support for the scale-up of digital health services for AYP undertaken at local, regional and global levels.

Stepped-Care model

The step care model combines digital tools and physical interactions to provide comprehensives health service to young people at different levels of care (website-bulk sms/ whatsapp, peer to peer-tele counselling- referral)

Our Strategic Focus

We develop, strengthen and promote the uptake of digital health solutions, which include; the one2one stepped care model website and social media, menstrual health hygiene matters on Oky Kenya, mental health through Reach –app, tele- counselling services through our call centre and Appless app for GBV referral.