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20 Years of Transformative Impact in Kenya and Beyond

Earlier this year, LVCT Health celebrated 20 years since its registration as a Kenyan NGO in 2002 following the successful implementation of a PhD project to establish VCT centers in Kenya at the height of the HIV epidemic. The colourful ceremony provided an opportunity to reflect on the phenomenal growth the organization has had over the last 20 years and focus on the next 20 years.

For over 20 years, LVCT Health’s impact has gone well beyond HIV testing and counselling. Today, LVCT Health does a lot and is proud to be known as a leading organization in implementing large-scale programs integrated within county health facilities and communities. 

LVCT Health is known for ‘getting things done’ even in difficult circumstances, combining a technical support approach to building health systems at the community and facility level to reach key and vulnerable populations while working closely with the national and county governments to achieve impact. 

“We have grown from baby steps to adulthood, from having a small office in KEMRI to our owned premises. And from two to three, to over 400 and over 3,000 staff in counties we work in,” says Dr Lilian Otiso, the Executive Director of LVCT Health.

LVCT Health has had many notable successes during its journey: We have a footprint in 34 of 47 counties in Kenya and are PEPFAR lead implementing partner in 10 of these counties, where we strengthen health systems with the counties. We offer HIV treatment to over 20% of the population that is on ART in Kenya while pioneering innovative prevention interventions such as PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, Dapivirine Ring, among others. We have played a significant role in shaping GBV in the country, building the capacity of health facilities to provide post-rape care services to thousands and informing policy and guidelines development and review. 

LVCT Health has recently pioneered Mental Health programs reaching adolescents, community health workers and affected community members. Our one2one digital platform, which includes an interactive website, tool-free hotline and various apps, has a reach of over 6 million adolescents and young people in Kenya and beyond.

A key facet of LVCT Health is innovations and commitment to testing new models through implementation research that informs national, regional and global policies and guidelines through its research-policy and practice cycle (Hatua Model).

A New Beginning, a New Strategy

As part of the 20-year celebrations, we launched a new strategic plan whose theme is Beyond 20! This strategic plan aims to take LVCT Health beyond the status quo to new frontiers:

  1. Beyond HIV: We will leverage our expansive HIV platform to expand our scope to integrate other health priorities such as mental health, SRH, maternal and child health and health systems strengthening. These are in addition to addressing emerging global health priorities while leveraging the digital health space.
  2. Beyond borders: Through partnerships, we will use our localization expertise and leadership in health services delivery to scale our services to other countries with similar health priorities.
  3. Towards Sustainability: LVCT Heath currently depends on donors for 99% of its activities. This strategic plan aims to diversify donor funds and increase income through non-donor sources including private sector and social enterprises.

Beyond the 20 years’ timeline, LVCT Health will continue to:

  1. Use our research, policy, and practice approach to inform and scale up our work.
  2. Focus on vulnerable and marginalized populations, including adolescents, people with disabilities and key populations
  3. Use our position and voice to advocate for the health rights of supported groups
  4. Offer capacity development support to individuals and institutions, including sub-granting local NGOs 
  5. Work with and through the government at national and county level
  6. Invest in our institutional capacity, including our systems, to effectively and sustainably respond to health priorities in Kenya and beyond.

LVCT Health will remain guided by its vision to empower healthy and resilient communities and its mission to impact communities by facilitating universal access to equitable, integrated health services.

At 59 years old, Josphat, a Person Living With HIV, is not just another patient but a symbol of strength, resilience, and the impact that love and support can have to millions of people the organization has supported over the years in line with its mission and vision.

“At LVCT, I found a home, more than a home. This is my 20th year, and throughout my treatment journey, I have seen people dedicated to their work. I am grateful for the support”, says Josphat.

LVCT Health’s 20 years is a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and collaboration in public health. From its visionary beginnings as an HIV-focused organization to its present-day comprehensive health programs, LVCT Health has demonstrated its commitment to improving lives. As the organization celebrates this momentous milestone, it does so with a sense of pride and gratitude for the countless lives transformed and saved. The next chapter in LVCT Health’s story promises to be equally inspiring as it continues to be a beacon of hope and progress in global public health.

A snapshot of LVCT Health’s 20 years Impact in Kenya and Beyond

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