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Our interventions on COVID-19 pandemic

On March 13th, the first case of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) was confirmed in Kenya. Since then, we live in uncertain times given the prevalent and evolving situation on the COVID-19 pandemic. LVCT Health provides an essential service on health and our sites are being looked upon by the community for services and information. To ensure we protect the communities we work with, we have significantly scaled-down our fieldwork and offered training to our staff on basic information of COVID-19 and prevention skills. We have also undertaken the following activities:

  1. All our clinics have ensured that all our clients receive their ARVs and PrEP to cover 3-6 months period as guided by PEPFAR.
  2. Ensured that all our service Drop-in centers/sites have enough water, soap and hand washing equipment.
  3. Offered training to most of our staff within informal settlements to educate and share facts about the COVID-19 in the community.
  4. Issued dignity packs to our DREAM girls and boys beneficiaries which include, soap and sanitary towels for general hygiene within their households.
  5. We have worked with the Ministry of Health in Kenya to develop key messages targeting the general and vulnerable populations, which have been disseminated through our toll-free line (1190).
  6. We continue to offer COVID-19 information through SMS and psycho-social support to Kenyans through the toll-free line.
  7. Partnered with local and vernacular media stations to give COVID-19 information through talk shows and recorded messages to demystify myths on COVID-19.
  8. We have developed a video for the deaf with basic information on COVID-19 using the Kenyan sign language.

For more information about COVID-19 in Kenya call the Ministry of Health 719 or SMS *719#.

Call 1190 and speak to our counselors for psycho-social support.

We will appreciate any donation to have onboard more counselors, reach more Community Health Volunteers and vulnerable groups, design and disseminate more information materials and avail protective gear for our teams working in the community.   To donate click here.

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