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LVCT Dhibiti Project Signs MoU with Outspan Hospital

LVCT Health’s Dhibiti Project and Outspan Hospital staff during the MOU signing ceremony.

In a strategic move, LVCT Dhibiti Project today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Outspan Hospital. 

The partnership marked a pivotal moment in optimising organisational and leadership capacity for the for direct oversight and management of HIV/TB service delivery in in Nyeri County and its environs.

The MoU outlines key areas of cooperation, including but not limited to:

  • Joint initiatives for community health outreach programs
  • Collaborative research projects to advance medical knowledge and practices
  • Sharing of expertise and resources to optimize patient care.

Representatives from the two organisations, Dr. Milton Omondi, the Project Director of LVCT Health’s Dhibiti Project, and Dr. Peter Muremi, Chief Superintendent of Outspan Hospital, participated in the signing ceremony, and underscored their commitment to working together for the betterment of the community’s well-being.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership presents,” said Dr. Catherine Njigua, Programs Director, LVCT Health, adding that the new collaboration will create a more resilient and responsive healthcare ecosystem in the region.

Echoing her sentiments, Dr. Peter Muremi, Chief Superintendent of Outspan Hospital, stated,  “This collaboration resonates with our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality healthcare. Together, we can effectively address the evolving healthcare needs of our community.”

Through the Dhibiti Project, we are establishing a comprehensive HIV/TB clinical cascade to address the continuum of care, from prevention to treatment and support. It ensures the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered clinical care services that adhere to international standards and evidence-based practices.

Speaking during the ceremony, Dr.Milton Omondi, Project Director,Dhibiti Project said that the partnership will contribute significantly to the LVCT Health’s efforts in achieving the UNAIDS 2030 targets of ending the HIV epidemic.

Dr. Milton Omondi (left), Project Director of LVCT Health’s Dhibiti Project, and Dr. Peter Muremi (middle), Chief Superintendent of Outspan Hospital, exchange the signed MoU document.

The signing of the MOU demonstrates LVCT Health’s commitment of empowering communities by facilitating universal access to equitable integrated health services for all. It resonates with our strategic objectives in strengthening health systems and delivering equitable access to comprehensive high-quality health services for HIV, SRH, GBV, NCDs, mental health and emerging diseases.

He further noted such partnerships  will advance LVCT Health’s efforts of ensuring sustained success of HIV/TB prevention and clinical care services in the region.

LVCT Health  is funded by The US President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through to implement the Dhibiti Project, a five-year transitional initiative aimed at delivering comprehensive and sustainable high-quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment services across six counties in the central region.

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