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Kigumo Sub County hospital- Muranga receives donation to fight COVID-19

LVCT-Health donated different COVID-19 personal protective equipment to the Kigumo Sub-County Health Centre. in Muranga county. The donations were made possible courtesy of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in a campaign dubbed “Bump it forward”. The campaign is supported by UK citizens and aims to protect health frontline workers in African countries as they continue to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The consignment consisted of surgical face masks, hand sanitizer, face shield latex examination gloves, N95 face mask, an assortment hand washing liquid powder and solid soaps, pulse oximeter, disposable biohazard bags waste disposable bins, sterile surgical gloves, disposable aprons and dry cell batteries.

LVCT-Health’s senior technical advisor community health Ms. Linet Okoth handed over the consignment to the hospital and said that the donations were meant to support the healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19 as the cases continue to rise across the country.

“LVCT-Health shall continue to partner with Kigumo Sub-County Health Centre and other selected health centres to support the healthcare workers on the frontline protecting the community members from COVID -19,” Said Linet.

The hospital is expected to share the COVID-19 numbers on a monthly basis to monitor the infection rate as they test and vaccinate more people.

Present to receive the consignment was Dr. Robinson Nduati, the medical superintendent at Murang’a Sub-County Health Centre and other healthcare providers.

“The donation we have received today means a lot to our hospital because we had run out of supplies like gloves. They will be of great help to the healthcare providers,” Said Dr. Robinson.

Kigumo Sub-County Health Centre is also a COVID-19 vaccination facility with over 100 healthcare workers.

Dr. Robinson thanked the LVCT-Health team for the donation, which will go a long way to protect the healthcare providers as well as administer better services to the community.

Story and photos by Rebecca Musanga

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