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LVCT Health supports Mental Health awareness

LVCT Health Youth program partnered with Josiah G. Memorial Kariuki foundation to create awareness on mental health among adolescents and youth.

Mental illness is common in Kenya, with prevalence rates of 4% for major mental disorders, which is comparable with the prevalence rates reported in high-income countries. Poverty, unemployment, internal conflict, displacement and HIV) add to the mental health burden. Mental health services in Kenya are mainly government funded, with very few privately-funded programmes and facilities. The most frequent diagnoses of mental illnesses made in general hospital settings are depression, substance abuse, neurotic stress-related and anxiety disorders, and these are more frequently associated with chronic medical conditions. With the emergence of social media and ever changing media reporting on health well-being, mental health (Xanax) has attracted a lot of attention in Kenya. Cases of all age categorization has been reported in media with quite a number leaving suicidal notes and post in social media.

Find the pictorial journey/ gallery of the event.

Josiah Gathua Foundation _Photo Gallery_Mental Health

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