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Navigating Change: LVCT’s Prevention Strategy Meeting

Against the dynamic backdrop of a changing landscape in HIV prevention, marked by a decline in new infections, the emergence of high-risk groups, and evolving donor requirements, the LVCT Health HIV Prevention team recognized the imperative for strategic discussions and meticulous planning.

The meeting stood out as a pivotal moment for LVCT’s prevention team, providing an opportunity to delve into the nuances of the evolving HIV prevention landscape. With a heightened emphasis on HIV care and treatment, the integration of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) at Maternal and Child Health (MCH) facilities, and the pressing need to embrace innovative strategies such as digital health platforms and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), the team engaged in thoughtful deliberations.

A crucial element of the meeting involved a thorough review of LVCT’s Prevention program and the overarching prevention strategic plan. The team aimed for program standardization by reviewing and adopting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and program tools across various initiatives.

The gathering fostered collaboration among Prevention program leads and officers from diverse projects, including HQ, MOSAIC, Dhibiti, USAID Stawisha Pwani, Vukisha95, and STAR Projects. This collaborative approach was designed to synergize efforts, share best practices, and enhance the overall impact of HIV prevention interventions.

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