LVCT Health

Promoting Public-Private Collaboration in Healthcare

Gifton Mkaya is taken through a presentation by the county health officials on the possible partnerships in the county

Taita Taveta: LVCT Health made significant strides towards enhancing the sustainability of healthcare in Taita Taveta County. Through the USAID Stawisha Pwani project, strong partnerships were inked with the County’s Department of Health Services during a three-day sensitization meeting for the County Health Management Team (CHMT).

The aim of the meeting was to introduce and promote understanding of Public-Private Collaboration (PPC) as outlined in the Kenya Health Public-Private Collaboration Strategy 2020. This initiative aligns with the Kenya Health Policy (2014-2030), emphasizing the importance of effective partnership mechanisms tailored to the current realities of the healthcare sector, particularly in the context of devolution.

The sessions served as a foundational step in the implementation of the collaboration strategy, through developing a county-specific framework to facilitate partnerships between public and private entities in the health sector. The County HMT are engaged in discussions, workshops, and presentations to foster a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and processes involved in public-private collaborations.

Gifton Mkaya, the County Executive Committee Member overseeing Health Services, underscored the importance of mapping partners in Taita Taveta to prevent redundant efforts and optimize resource allocation.

“I urge the collaboration of partners with the County Government, emphasizing the need for support in diverse activities to enhance health services for the community. Taita Taveta County, under the leadership of Governor Andrew Mwadime, is open for partners to collaborate with us. We seek cooperation to supplement available resources for the Mwananchi in need of health services,” said Gifton Mkaya.

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