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Promoting Safety on Two Wheels: LVCT Health’s Dhibiti Project Elevates Biosafety Standards in Kiambu County

In a proactive move towards ensuring the safety of both riders and the community, LVCT Health’s Dhibiti Project orchestrated a highly successful Riders Biosafety Sensitization event in Kiambu County. Using the national and international regulations, the riders learned compliance strategies to reduce the likelihood of damaging packages, minimize exposure (personnel and environment), and improve the carrier’s efficiency and confidence in package delivery using the triple packaging system. Facilitated by the Lab Technical Officer, the event, showcased positive outcomes in fostering a safer and healthier healthcare ecosystem and environment for all.

The Biosafety Sensitization event featured a customized training program designed specifically for riders operating in Kiambu County. The Lab Technical Officer crafted the curriculum to address the unique challenges and safety considerations faced by riders in their daily activities.

Riders gained a comprehensive understanding of biosafety protocols, including the proper handling and transportation of medical specimens. The Lab Technical Officer designed a specialized curriculum tailored to the unique responsibilities and challenges faced by riders.

Ministry of Health trainer explaining about Biosafety protocols in handling specimen

The training delved into the specifics of biosafety protocols, emphasizing the critical role riders play in maintaining the integrity of medical specimens during transit.

The event was characterized by an interactive learning experience, with practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions. Riders actively engaged in discussions, allowing them to internalize the importance of biosafety measures and how to implement them effectively in their day-to-day operations.

By sensitizing riders to biosafety protocols, the Dhibiti Project aims to contribute to strengthened community health delivery. Riders play a crucial role in the transportation of medical samples, and their adherence to biosafety standards enhances the integrity of the specimens and contributes to accurate and timely diagnostics.

The event served as a platform for fostering stronger partnerships between the Dhibiti Project and the rider community in Kiambu County. As a key organizer, the collaborative effort needed to ensure the success of biosafety initiatives and encouraged an ongoing dialogue between all stakeholders.

Participants taking notes during the biosafety training session.

“I appreciate the Dhibiti Project for organizing this training. As riders, we now understand the critical nature of our role in maintaining the quality of medical samples. It’s not just about riding; it’s about contributing to community health. Echoed one participant.

In conclusion, the Riders Biosafety Sensitization event stands as a testament to LVCT Health’s Dhibiti Project’s dedication to innovation in healthcare delivery. By empowering riders with knowledge and fostering partnerships, the project paves the way for safer and more effective healthcare services in Kiambu County.

LVCT Health is supported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC to implement the Dhibiti Project, a five-year transitional project to provide comprehensive and sustainable high-quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment services in six counties in the central region.

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