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Seizing the opportunity during a pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world affecting economies and learning institutions, 24-year-old Veronica Auma was apprehensive since she was getting to a critical stage at the DREAMS supported vocational training where she was undertaking a course in tailoring.

Veronica soon realized that this was an opportunity to put her skills into practice. One of the protective measures against the COVID 19 pandemic is wearing facemasks to prevent the spreading of the virus while in public places. There was a high demand for this product in her village, which provided her with the opportunity to sew masks using a machine she had rented from a neighbor. Soon, Veronica was making an average of 10 facemasks a day through skills she learned at her college.

The mother of 2 was identified during one of the DREAMS program’s recruitment exercises in her village when her husband brought home another wife and abandoned her. Veronica had been married at 13 years after her primary education and never thought in her wildest dreams that she could get back to school since she had become accustomed to doing casual jobs in people’s farms.

DREAMS helped her to gain some business skills, which has helped her expand her business to making women’s dresses and skirts. She hopes to finish her college education and in the future buy her own machine.  It is also her wish to educate her two daughters and consequently help them escape the trap of early marriage, which is common in her village.

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