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Stepped Care Model; an evidence-based, staged system one2one Integrated Digital Platform

With the recent global developments, we have seen that thinking outside the box has become the new normal in building an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has seen, now more than ever, that we need to make sure that our response to all health challenges draws on the best of human ingenuity, creativity and innovation.

This year, LVCT Health One2one youth programme was selected from 120+ application to be part of the 24 finalist at the Health Innovation Marketplace, which is part of the Health Innovation Exchange Annual Event 2020, hosted virtually 1-2 July by UNAIDS and other partners.

One2one youth-Stepped care model (SCM) is an evidence-based, staged system, comprising a hierarchy of interventions, from the least to the most intensive, matched to the individual’s needs. The starting point of the model is to stimulate the self-reliance of individuals. The Stepped Care Model (SCM) offers a framework to coordinate online and offline services, aimed at supporting adolescents and young people with their specific needs or problems in an efficient way.

One2one’s digital interventions include:

Step One – General online information about HIV, SRHR, GBV and Mental Health is offered through one2one’s online platform along with additional stories and experiences shared by other adolescent and Adolescent human interesting stories on youth website.

Step Two – This step assesses the individual’s situation and provides tailored advice and referral through the utilization of a chatbot.

Step Three (1/2) – Online advice via unlicensed peer educators: This step provides the community with a sense of belonging and psychological support in a convenient way through the online platforms (Closed WhatsApp group) managed by AYP peer educators.

Combined with offline interventions (Human):

Step Three (2/2)  – Offline advice via unlicensed educators (peers): Offline unlicensed peer educators will provide information and services to the adolescent and young people through support groups/ post-test clubs in the community.

Step Four – At this level, counsellors offer anonymous personal advice based on the client’s needs through one2one’s youth hotline. Counsellors provide necessary information and counseling through integrated system. The services include tele-counseling through call, SMS, and online (WhatsApp & Messenger)

Step Five –  Advice via health care providers (face to face): A face to face counselling and other health services is provided to select beneficiaries who have access to offline centers / youth friendly centers.

Step Six – Advice via specialized professional is provided when clients require additional medical attention including such as examination, diagnosis or treatmentn by a medical professional, among others so as to receive the necessary medical care.

We would like to invite you to join us for the #HIEx2020 event!

Check out the full programme, get your ticket, access details and all the updates by signing up at:

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