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Lessons from the field: videos from our Prep demonstration project

We are pleased to share with you a new series of videos on the introduction of daily oral PrEP in Kenya that provides valuable lessons on how to fit this newer HIV prevention option into the lives of people who need it.

Lessons from the Field is a series of video case studies of issues related to supporting Kenyan women who choose to take daily oral PrEP. Check out the videos here.

In collaboration with AVAC, through the USAID-funded OPTIONS Consortium, this series was filmed at several sites in Kenya where LVCT Health offers oral PrEP to populations at risk of HIV. Each film highlights a different theme or challenge that emerged as PrEP rolled out, and tells the story of how the project responded. These include:

Women enrolled in LVCT Health oral PrEP project share their experiences and program staff describe tactics they developed to address these issues, such as hotlines, enhanced counseling and support, and high-impact engagement with the community.

This series is intended to foster innovation and problem-solving among key PrEP stakeholders, including program implementers, policy makers, civil society, advocates and people considering PrEP in Kenya and other countries. Taken together, the full series will deepen your understanding of the specific barriers to delivering oral PrEP and show innovative strategies to help people start oral PrEP and use it correctly and consistently.

Check them out at and please tell us what you think!


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