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New pleasurable and youth friendly one2one website

LVCT Health has launched a new and engaging website targeting young people in Kenya. The  website presents answers to questions young people have about sex, love, and relationships, in a sex-positive, pleasure-based, and comprehensive way. The colourful launch of the website was conducted virtually and in attendance were young people from across the country, the Ministry of Health, and other partners including Aidsfonds who provided technical and financial support in the development of the website.

The launch was presided by Dr. Christine Wambugu, the Program manager, Adolescent Health at the Ministry of Health. She praised the website saying it would sensitize adolescents and young people to understand their health risks and give them an opportunity to access accurate information.

“The One2one website promotes adolescents health and has ensured their participation as it has been developed by, with and for adolescent and young people, it provides counselling services as a critical part of health to adolescents including HIV, GBV and mental health, which are augments adolescent health services by the Ministry of health.” Said Dr. Christine

Using the step care model to meet adolescent and young people’s needs, the website is an excellent platform to revive youthful interaction and create linkage to access credible services.

The website targets young people aged 10 to 25 in Kenya, it contains sex-positive, pleasure-based information, tips and personal stories young people can relate to. It is interactive and provides a platform to refer young people to additional services that meet their needs.

Mark Vermeulen, the Aidsfonds Executive director, said that “having the right information in the right place, at the right time, delivered by the right digital persons, will meet the solutions of the young people as we celebrate the One2One website in answering questions regarding sex, relationships, and mental health.”

One2one uses the Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health. The model facilitates self-care by connecting young people to the different services that directly meet their needs.  The web-based platform serves as an entry point to provide youth-friendly, quality information. From this point, digitally-delivered personalized information guides the individual to tailored advice and refers them to additional online and offline services according to their needs.

Aidsfonds & Soa Aids Nederland have introduced and developed the Stepped Care model in the Netherlands around the youth-brand Sense. Building upon 10 years of experience from this brand, Aidsfonds has taken the initiative to scale the model internationally, currently contextualizing the model in Kenya and South Arica.

The virtual event was kept lively and hyped by DJ Legend 254 with themed music as the young people from various counties participated by sending in their views concerning the new look website.

Access to sexual and reproductive health information continues to be a challenge to many adolescents and young people despite the 5.4 million youths who have access to digital mobile phones in Kenya. “The launching of the website will help young people access accurate information to make informed decisions, “ noted Immanuel Ngila, a youth advisory champion in Kilifi county.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Lilian Otiso, the Executive director LVCT Health, encouraged the youth to interact with the new website and share the information with their friends and families as a trusted and factual platform. “over the years, the use of the digital platforms has helped us reach young people informed by research and data. The one2one data has helped us to reach more people and make many decisions on how to reach more young people and effectively.” As a result, young people can now smile as they have a one-stop website for all their sexual reproductive health, mental, and HIV/AIDS, and sexuality-related questions.

The website covers various topics, including; love and relationships, sex, birth control and pregnancies, sexual diversity, mental health, and HIV. This interactive platform is guided by colorful options that allow the user to interact with various interfaces ranging from top stories, top facts, frequently asked questions, and an avenue for people to seek through chatting, calling, or finding clinics and pharmacies. Additionally, the website has personal stories where one can learn and also share their life touching stories.

The LVCT-Health award-winning One2One integrated digital platform was first launched in 2006 and continues to be a youth-friendly safe space for Adolescents and Young People (AYP) to interact, learn, and ask relationships and sex-related questions. The platform also addresses Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), and HIV/AIDS-related issues. It links the AYP to access accurate services.

To access the newly launched website and much more, you can log in to  and get educated. More information about the recorded virtual celebration can be found on this link This is indeed the new look with new energy.

By Rebecca Musanga

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