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Implementation of the county health services act in Taita Taveta County

The legistlation of the Taita Taveta County Health Services Act, 2021 and its regulations in February 2022, with support from USAID Stawisha Pwani has built the financial capacity of department of health to generate and utilize resources to improve the delivery of health services. Within the first 3 months of approval, the department of health procured drugs worth 5 million from Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA).

The financial confidence is now strong between the medical supplier and the facility because of its potential to raise funds to pay for the medical supplies. The delivered supplies are enough to last the facility for a further 2 months and within the same time have the potential to raise funds for the subsequent months to sustain supply. Previously, exclusive reliance of the county allocations had created delay in disbursements and often providing less funding to timely purchase essential drugs for health facilities. With the new legislation, facilities now have autonomy over the resources they generate, they can increase investment in health care, while also ensuring that spending is efficient and targeted for impact.

Subsequently, section 77 of the CHS Act, provides the CECM Health to make rules, regulations, and guidelines for better carrying out of its provisions. To this effect, USAID Stawisha Pwani is currently supporting the department to develop the FIF Operation and Supervision manuals. This is to ensure maximized collection, prudent management of health finances and promote accountability to all persons with the responsibility of implementing the Act. Implementation of the policies and procedures described in the manuals will improve the collection and use of funds, enhance patient and staff satisfaction, and protect those who are unable to pay for services and ensure success of the fund.


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