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Sharing Best Practices at the Kilifi County Scientific Symposium Conference

Dennis Mwambi, Health System Strengthening Lead, USAID Stawisha Pwani makes a presentation during the meeting

Kilifi County: Our team from USAID Stawisha Pwani joined the Department of Health Services – Kilifi County for the 2nd Kilifi County Scientific Symposium, officiated by H.E. Gideon Maitha Mung’aro, Kilifi County Governor.

Themed “Bridging the Gap: From Research to Implementation for Quality Health Care”, the symposium served as an invaluable platform for researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, community members, and other experts to showcase and discuss innovative approaches towards bridging the gap between research and real-world application.

Our team made presentations on our contribution to health systems strengthening, contribution to the HIV prevention of mother-to-child transmission response and transformative leadership and governance towards quality healthcare. 

During the two-days conference, participants shared their presentation skills, enhanced academic habits, received valuable peer feedback, and fostered networking opportunities for potential collaborations, gaining insights into various disciplines’ current research.

In addition to presentations, participants actively engaged in plenary discussions through posters, exhibitions, and oral formats.

The Kilifi County Department of Health led this symposium, which played a key role in ensuring county-led health system strengthen as envisioned by the USAID Stawisha Pwani project. Among the attendees were county health officials and strategic partners and stakeholders working in the county.

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