LVCT Health

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Research Team.

Anne Ngunjiri

BSc, MPH Senior Technical Advisor (GBV)

Anne Ngunjiri is an applied public health researcher with over 5 years’ experience in implementing projects and their management with a current focus on

1.    Prevention and Response to Violence against Children (VAC) and Violence against Women and girls (VAW/G),

2.    Strengthening service delivery to address VAC/W/G including child protection systems at community, facility and national level in resource limited settings.

She is a Co-Investigator and lead Qualitative researcher in several studies where she provides technical advice and implements community-based participatory action research study design, data collection observing the ethical principles of participants, analysis, and dissemination designing and implementing research studies and pragmatic facility and community-based programs within the focus areas. Her most notable Co-I role was in the implementation of the second Kenya Violence against Children Survey in Kenya. Aside from research, Anne in engaged in policy and advocacy efforts towards comprehensive, equitable care for survivors of violence in Kenya and ending violence against children through contribution of technical expertise in development of VAC/G/W related policies, training curricula and service delivery standards for VAC/W/G prevention, identification and response. Most notably, she has contributed to the development and implementation monitoring of the National Prevention and Response Plan on Violence Against Children in Kenya 2019-2023. Currently, she holds core membership in the Kenya VAC response TWG providing technical support in monitoring the implementation the Kenya National Prevention and Response Plan for Violence Against Children 2019-2023. She is a qualified Trainer of Trainers and recognized as a master trainer of the WHO’s INSPIRE model for ending violence against children.

Anne holds a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH, 2010) from the University of Warwick, and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (BSc, 2008) from the same university. As part of her career development, she has undertaken several online courses from the University of Washington including Project Management in Global Health; Policy Development and Advocacy in Global Health; and Leadership and Management in Health.

Peer reviewed publications

1.    Mueller, V., K. Grépin, A. Rabbani, B. Navia, A. S. W. Ngunjiri, and N. Wu (2022). “Food Insecurity and COVID-19 Risk in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. 2022; 44(1), 92-109.

2.    Annor FB, Chiang LF, Oluoch PR, Mang’oli V, Mogaka M, Mwangi M, Ngunjiri A, Obare F, Achia T, Patel P, Massetti GM, Dahlberg LL, Simon TR, Mercy JA. Changes in prevalence of violence and risk factors for violence and HIV among children and young people in Kenya: a comparison of the 2010 and 2019 Kenya Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys. Lancet Glob Health. 2022 Jan;10(1):e124-e133. DOI: 10.1016/S2214-109X(21)00457-5. Epub 2021 Nov 22. PMID: 34822755

3.    Rosser EN, Morgan R, Tan H, Hawkins K, Ngunjiri A, Oyekunle A, Schall B, Nacif Pimenta D, Tamaki E, Rocha M and Wenham C (2021) “How to Create a Gender-Responsive Pandemic Plan: Addressing the Secondary Effects of COVID-19.” Gender and COVID-19 Project

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