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Research Team.

Sammy Gakero Gachigua

Research Officer, B.A, M.A

Sammy Gakero Gachigua is a specialist in qualitative research. He has a wide-ranging knowledge in designing, collecting, processing and analyzing written/textual, spoken and multimodal data from varied socio-political contexts. Sammy has advanced training in research gained through PhD in Applied Linguistics coursework (Lancaster University, UK), Advanced Research Design for Policy-Oriented Research (Partnership for African Social and Governance Research – PASGR) programme, Council for the Development of Social Science in Africa (CODESRIA) Methodological and Publishing Workshops and MA Linguistics (University of Nairobi, Kenya). He also has a B.Ed degree in English and Literature from Egerton University. Sammy also has experience teaching English, Linguistics, and Communication and Media at the university.

He is currently engaged in a medical product development and design research that is assessing the acceptability, usability and programmatic fit of microarray patches (MAP) as a delivery system of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and as a multipurpose prevention technology (MPT) to protect from both HIV and unintended pregnancy among adolescents and young people in Kenya.

Recent peer reviewed publications:

1.    Sammy Gakero Gachigua. (2022) Silencing critical voices in legislative debates: Derailment of strategic maneuvering through Omnibus bills in Kenya’s parliament. In Monwabisi K. Ralarala, Russell Kaschula and Georgina Heydon (Eds). Language and the Law: Global Perspectives in Forensic Linguistics from Africa and Beyond. SA: African SUN Media. 397-414.

2.    Esther Wangui Kimani, Sammy Gakero Gachigua & George Mbugua Kariuki. (2021). Restructured Citizen–Government Relationship in Kenya’s 2010 Constitution and the Right of Hawkers to the City in Nairobi. Africa Development, Volume XLVI, No. 1, pp. 117-140.

3.    Esther Wangui Kimani, Sammy Gakero Gachigua & George Mbugua Kariuki. (2020). Locked-in metaphorically: The war on hawking in Nairobi’s CBD and the cat-and-mouse game. Africa Development, Volume XLV, No. 4, pp. 157-182

4.    Sammy Gakero Gachigua (2019). Conceptual metaphor of the nation-state in newly-independent Africa: Kenyatta’s regime state-as-a-family metaphor in Kenyan parliamentary discourseJournal of Linguistics & Human Sciences Vol 12, No 2-3 (2016) Special Issue: Appliable Linguistics and Legal Discourse. 223-242.

5.    Sammy Gakero Gachigua (2016). Discursive reconstruction of the ICC-Kenya engagement through Kenyan newspapers’ editorial cartoons. In Clarke K. A., Knottneru, A. S., and de Volder, E. (Eds). Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 187-231.

6.    Sammy Gakero Gachigua (2016). Legislating for a de jure one-party State in 1982 and ‘party hopping’ in 2012: Reconstructing Elite Discourse on Political Parties in Kenya. In Orwonjo, D. O., Oketch, O. & Tunde, A. H. (Eds). Political Discourse in Emergent, Fragile, and Failed Democracies. Hershey Pennsylvania: IGI Global. 298-317.

7.    Sammy Gakero Gachigua (2015). The ICC and Kenya’s 2013 elections: A perspective from Kenyan newspaper editorial cartoons. In Njogu, K. & Wekesa, P. W. Kenya’s 2013 Elections: Stakes, Practices and Outcomes. Nairobi: Twaweza Communications & Heinrich Böll Foundation. 198-219.

8.    Sammy Gakero Gachigua (2014). The print media and Kenya’s volatile 2007 post-election violence. In Anders Sjögren, Godwin Murunga & Dan Okello (Eds). Kenya: Towards a New Constitutional Order. London: Zed Books. 44-65.