LVCT Health

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Research Team.

Inviolata Njeri

Research Officer, B.A, M.A

Inviolata Njoroge is a Research Officer at LVCT Health. She has 15 years of managing programs that target marginalized and vulnerable populations in Kenya.  She has a keen focus on empowerment of vulnerable persons and communities. She implemented the ambitious 5-year DREAMS project at LVCT Health that targeted vulnerable adolescent girls and young women living in urban informal settlements and poor rural areas. In her role within DREAMS, she managed the delivery of life-saving interventions to 34,000 adolescent girls and young women. She was responsible for leading the social protection component of DREAMS.

Inviolata is currently leading the implementation of photovoice research with children heading households, persons with disability and older persons living in Nairobi’s informal settlements. Inviolata is passionate about helping the most vulnerable persons.

She is a student at Tangaza university college, pursuing Masters in social transformation

Peer reviewed publications

1.    Robinson Karuga, Rosie Steege, Inviolata Njoroge, Millicent Liani, Neele Wiltgen-Georgi, Lilian Otiso, Nelly Muturi, Linet Atieno Okoth, Sally Theobald and Rachel Tolhurst.  Leaving No One Behind: A Photovoice Case Study on Vulnerability and Wellbeing of Children Heading Households in Two Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. Soc. Sci. 2022, 11.

2.    Anne Ng’ang’aWanjiru WaruiruCarol NgareVictor SsempijjaThomas Gachuki,  Inviolata NjorogePatricia OluochDavies O. KimangaWilliam K. Maina,  Rex Mpazanje and Andrea A. Kim.  The Status of HIV Testing and Counseling in Kenya: Results From a Nationally Representative Population-Based Survey. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2014 May 1. 66(Suppl 1) S27-S36.

Other publications


1.    Kim Ozano – (PhD), Robison Karuga, Inviolata Njoroge, and Shrutika Murthy.  Story-telling and visual methods with people living in informal settlements. Connecting citizens to science. Podcast series 4, March 2022.


1.  Inviolata Njeri Njoroge, Neele Wilten-Georgi and Lynda Keeru. Reflections on ripple effect mapping: the co-researchers’ experiences. April 2022

2.  Inviolata Njoroge and Lynda Keeru. A candid talk on the mental health issues in Viwandani and Korogocho slums in Nairobi, Kenya – Arise. May 2022