LVCT Health

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Research Team.

Millicent Kiruki

Research Officer, B.A, MSc Global Health

Millicent Kiruki is a social scientist with over eight years of experience in health systems research. Her research interests are in health projects aiming to improve access to health services and service delivery. She has implemented research studies focusing on health systems strengthening, specifically in the response and prevention of HIV& AIDS and Violence against Children in Kenya. Millicent is a Commonwealth scholar who has studied MSc in Global Health at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Peer reviewed publications

1.    Adams, C., Kiruki, M., Karuga, R., Otiso, L., Graham, S. M., & Beima-Sofie, K. M. (2022). “Your status cannot hinder you”: the importance of resilience among adolescents engaged in HIV care in Kenya. BMC public health, 22(1), 1272.

2.     Digolo, L., Ajema, C., Kiruki, M., Mireku, M., Kotut, R., & Undie, C. C. (2021). The use of case advocates to manage child survivors of sexual violence in public health facilities in Kenya: A qualitative study exploring the perceptions of child survivors, care givers and health care providers. Child Abuse Negl, 116(Pt 1), 104376.

Other Publications

1.    Kiruki, M., Jeckonia, P., Mugambi, J., Burke, H., Cole, A., & Williams, K. (2022). A qualitative inquiry on potential barriers to provision and use of the PrEP ring in Kenya. Presented at the  INTEREST 2022 Conference in Kampala, Uganda.

2.    Wilcher, R., & Kiruki, M. (2022). Turning HIV prevention research into reality for adolescent girls and young women in Africa

3.    Bishopp, C., & Kiruki, M. (2021). Mentorship that matters and relationship building for better virtual trainings: An interview with MillicentKiruki, Health SystemsResearcher, LVCT Health

4.    Kiruki, M., Otiso, L., Alwar, T., Murira, F., Ikahu, A., and Digolo, L. (2018) Factors Influencing Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence: Voices of Adolescents in Kenya. Presented at the HIV Research for Prevention Conference, HIVR4P 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

5.    Kiruki, M., Ngunjiri A, Ajema C, Kababu M, Ndung’u M, Jeckonia P, Kiruki, M, and Digolo L. (2017) HIV risk behaviors of motorcycle taxi drivers in Kiambu, Kenya. Presented at the 19th ICASA Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa in COTE DIVOIRE.

6.    Kiruki, M., Ajema, C., Undie, C. C., Kyongo, J., Owuor, K., Mbugua, C., . . . Digolo, L. (2017). Enhancing Access to Comprehensive Post-Rape Care Services for Children in Kenya

7.    Mireku, M., Kiruki, M., McCollum, R., Taegtmeyer, M., Koning, K., & Otiso, L. (2014). Report on the context analysis of close-to-community health service providers in Kenya.